September 21, 2016

posted by: Michael Mottola
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LIFT System Release Notes

This summer, our development roadmap kept us busy with important fixes and upgrades to the LIFT System to make your user experience better. In addition, we added a new photo management feature that has been high on our users' "must have" list! Take a look at what we've been up to in July, August, & September 2016:

General Updates:

  • Changes to Lead Reports
    • We no longer classify general inquiries ("contact us" form submissions) as a "lead" and have added waiting list sign ups to combine with the other property lead counts. LIFT users can read more about it here.
  • Photo Uploader changes:
    • Now enforces minimum photo size of 200x200. Photos uploaded with smaller dimensions will be rejected.
    • Added support for photos with orientation metadata, which solves cases where select photos uploaded have rotation embedded in the photo and are then saved in LIFT rotated 90 degrees.
  • Added alternate phone number field for company profile.
  • Fixed bugs with deleting and renaming building permalinks, as well as child page permalinks.
  • Database encoding fixes. Fixed issues with french characters displaying incorrectly in certain situations.
  • Fixed Suites Management interface to remember current page after saving while editing a suite not on page one.
  • Expanded our ability to customize the generation of invoices, improved invoice grouping, custom recipients and improved invoice descriptions.
  • Added interface for administrators to manage their billing contacts and control which contacts should be sent invoices. This can be found under Settings > Accounting
  • Fixed a bug in advanced user building permissions that resulted in certain managers from not being able to see properties they were given access to.
  • Search API - Added additional filters for ownership types, allowing advanced searches to be used to filter for condos.

Module Updates / New Features:

  • Waiting List
    • Added additional interpolations for name and submitted date, allowing those values to be inserted into the email template of emails going to prospects on the waiting list.
    • Added interpolation support in the subject line, not just the message body.
    • Email templates now include photo and link of the property page on your website.
  • Insights
    • Fixed a bug with exporting CSV filenames.
    • Improved Email Tracker delivery protocol when attempting to resend failed emails. Upped the retry frequency from daily to hourly.
  • Leads
    • Added the ability to export your inquiries and waiting list submissions to a CSV file for a provided date range. From there, you can import them into any lead management or backup tool you use. Any filters used apply to the export, allowing you to export all leads for a given property or email.
  • FAQ Module
    • Released a new module for keeping track of Frequently Asked Questions. Allows easier management of FAQ sections on websites.
  • New Photo Management tools
    • New Multi-Photo or Batch uploader, allowing you to upload multiple photos at once.
    • Created a property photo library, giving you the ability to upload all photos to a property where you can swap or reassign at any time.
    • Introduction of Suites Photos Manager, allowing you to assign photos to specific suites.
    • Read more details on the update here:

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