December 15, 2016

posted by: Michael Mottola
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LIFT System Release Notes

Towards the end of each quarter we publish our development release notes for the LIFT System. If you missed the last one, you can read about them here:

Here are LWS' release notes for this quarter:

General Updates:

  • Added the LIFT System Favicon.
  • Added Storage Facility as a property type in LIFT.
  • Added Instagram field to company profile under Social Media Profiles.
  • Display update to company profile page to better show logos that are all white.
  • Fixed issue when uploading PDFs through page content editor: displayed error message after successfully uploading files.
  • Improved accounting options: added ability to choose which contacts receive invoices. Improved invoice customization.
  • Added maintenance email field to the quick update interface.
  • Inquiries Export: Applied keyword search as a filter for exports.
  • Integrated Google reCAPTCHA into our contact form builder.

Module Updates / New Features:

  • Intranet:
    • Fixed bug with broadcast message not working correctly in Internet Explorer.
  • Insights:
    • Top Website Page Views Report: removed query strings from URLs to ensure pages are grouped correctly.
  • Photo Management:
    • Fixed display bug when uploading a large number of photos.
  • User Management:
    • Fixed bug when administrators created users in a user group with no access to properties, then moved them to a user group that does have access to properties. Properties access was still not granted.
  • Secured-Forms:
    • Resolved issue with images not working in PDF export.
    • Added better error indication for checkboxes and radio buttons.
    • Upgraded email sending to improve delivery, reducing chances of emails being flagged as spam.
  • Websites
    • Upgraded all websites to new database connection code to improve performance.
    • Security: Improved our server systems for automatic detection, blocking, and notification of potential attacks.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our latest releases.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season. Looking forward to 2017! We have some fantastic things on the horizon.

Happy New Year from all of us at LWS :)

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