June 27, 2017

posted by: Michael Mottola
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LWS Dev Release Notes

Updates & Releases from April - June 2017


LIFT System

General Updates and Fixes:

  • Changed all customer facing references of "Buildings" to "Properties" - Building is an outdated term in our system and doesn't accurately describe the wide variety of property types available.

  • Moved the contents of the Map tab into the main property location section to be with the address fields

  • Enhanced the printable version of Billing Reports page

  • Added new Property Type: Fourplex

  • Updated property search to allow full addresses to be searched

  • Changed Custom Field tab text from "Other" to "Custom Field"

  • Reduced the minimum file size for Custom Field images to 10px by 10px

  • Fixed fringe case bug in the neighbourhood map

  • Fixed display bug when clicking links within a collapsible list - list opened or closed before redirect

  • Added Spam Checker library to inquiries to automatically run form submissions through SpamAssassin (popular anti-spam platform) in hopes to better identify and detect future spam inquiries

New Features and Improvements:

  • New Amenities Management Re-organization

    • Unified the amenity management interface across all clients, breaking amenities into Property and Suite categories, and allowing users to set what category imported amenities fall into

  • Intranet Module

    • Updated permissions to allow users with write access to manage categories and settings

    • Added ability to reorder categories

    • Added a "select all" when choosing post recipients

    • Added user count beside each user group in posts "choose recipients" interface

    • Changed how banner images display in popup view to combat some cropping and sizing issues

    • Added search functionality to search all posts by file name, summary, title and content

  • Insights

    • Limit output of table columns in Leads by city

    • Added ability to export Lead Tracker email addresses to CSV

    • Improved default print views for dashboard and individual reports; updated all reports to improve printable view of reports using web browser's default print method

    • Improved the default parent-child behaviour inside Insights

  • Updated User Property Permissions: added ability for administrators to manage user permissions for an individual property

  • Added new custom field type: "checkbox options", allowing custom fields to have a series of related checkboxes

  • Feeds & Scrapers

    • Changed default amenities category to "property" instead of "other"

    • Improved amenity comparisons to achieve better matching

RentSync Feeds & LIFT APIs:

  • Switched Zumper feed to new format, to resolve address issues and introduce floorplans and suite specific photos to Zumper & Padmapper ads

  • Added ownership type filters on cities list and building list API endpoints, to improve flexibility of Secured-Forms integrations with LIFT

  • Added suite availabilities filter to Search API allowing searches to be performed based on the availability status of suites, e.g.: retrieving properties that only have waiting list units

  • Added API endpoint for retrieving customer fields for a property

  • Added availability date filters to Search API to allow searching by a suite's availability date


  • Added feature for customizing success message once a form is successfully submitted

  • Added a column in form responses list page to indicate the number of notes that exist

  • Updated phone number validation to allow spaces

  • Updated to allow building name and address to show together in properties list dropdown, while still preserving the JS functionality of hiding and showing properties based on city

  • Removed delete ability for non-administrators

  • Set notifications to be ON by default when new users are given access to a form

  • Added ability for administrators to enable notifications for other users

  • Fixed bug allowing certain mandatory checkboxes which were saved as checked but were showing as unchecked when reviewing a submission

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