September 28, 2017

posted by: Michael Mottola
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LIFT System Release Notes

Updates & Releases from July - September 2017


LIFT System


General Updates and Fixes:

  • Added French translation support to News and Blogs

  • Improved validation on Lat/Lng fields to ensure invalid data cannot be saved

  • Added ability to tag a suite as an "Executive Suite"

  • Added inquiry "subject" field to CSV exporter

  • Fixed issue with default permission of no access not showing (not affecting permissions themselves)

  • Fixed issue with commonly used blog tags

New Features and Improvements:

  • Added total number of properties turned ON to RentSync advertising panel header, to highlight the difference between number of syncing properties vs. total turned on

  • Created Suite Specific Custom Fields to solve various customizations for websites

  • Added quick select date ranges option to LIFT Insights

  • Documents Module

    • Upload and store documents

    • Create and manage categories

    • Tag documents to a specific category

    • Change order of files within a category

  • Forms Management Module

    • Create and manage forms, control recipients, subject line, and error & success messages

    • Add tracking codes on load and successful submissions (conversion tracking)

    • Customize email notifications

    • Activate auto-response emails to any form

    • Create follow-up emails to any form

  • Careers Module

    • Added External Posting URL field to be able to link career postings to another source from the careers list page

    • Added tags to the career postings

RentSync Feeds, LIFT APIs & Integrations

  • Added custom amenity support to Rent Board's feed

  • Added parameter to Search API for filtering by speciality suites types (Luxury and Executive)

  • Improved amenities matching

  • Improved ResMan availabilities

  • Improved amenities mapping for RentCafe


  • Added option for showing logos on print version of forms. Checkbox is found in forms settings for customers to enable

  • Fixed bug with errors not being clearly visible on file inputs

Website Development

  • Released New Neighbourhood Map to replace Walk Score maps:

  • Updated all websites to be HTTPS Ready

  • Added spam scoring to all incoming inquiries

  • Changed name of honeypot field in forms to combat issues with auto complete tools

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