June 20, 2018

posted by: Michael Mottola
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LWS Quarterly Dev Recap

Updates & Releases from April - June 2018

LIFT System

  • Added Twitter field to Bios module

  • Added support for Categories to Blog posts

  • Added support for creating property-specific FAQs

  • Added feature to News and Blog modules to duplicate a post

  • Improved language support for custom fields

  • Added language support to Documents module

  • Added setting to control how amenities are displayed within Kijiji RentSync ads, split by category or one list

  • Call Tracking

    • Improved call recording downloads

    • Added source of the call to activity log interface

    • Added warnings when no forwarding number exists


  • Removed the ability for non-administrative users to delete form responses

Neighbourhood Explorer Map

  • Added dynamic tooltip on hover for map markers to show name and ratings

  • Added option to open subcategories automatically, opens "best" marker with 4+ rating

  • Added new option to overwrite the default max radius of 8, the new custom radius will be divided by 2, 4 and 8 to create the smaller intervals

  • Added new option to override the default max zoom

  • Changed max zoom from 18 to 17

  • Removed the main category button when that category is open

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