December 17, 2018

posted by: Michael Mottola
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LWS Quarterly Dev Recap

Updates & Releases from October - December 2018

General Updates and Fixes:

  • Fixed Insights data retention to allow access of Insights data after property has been removed
  • Restricted Square Footage field to whole numbers
  • Fixed bug on website when success messages are too long
  • Resolved issue with radio button required field messages on websites
  • Fixed bug with testimonials not being searchable in LIFT
  • Minor improvements to Custom Form responses interface 
  • Updated design of top right navigation, moving items into menu
  • Improved CSV exporter for LIFT Insights Email Inbox View
  • Improved output of LIFT Insights Email Inbox View
  • Created nightly task to ensure that properties have valid latitude and longitude
  • Added searching and validation on amenities interface to allow users to search for amenities and prevent duplicate custom amenities from being created by mistake

New Features and Improvements:

  • Introduced new Health Check System for LWS team to check on statuses of data and provide early detection of various types of issues that could arise
  • Add 'furnished suites' as possible filter for website searching to allow the user to toggle between showing furnished and unfurnished suites
  • Added support for hidden pages, so they can only be accessed by directly visiting the URL
  • Added support for hidden properties, so they can only be accessed by directly visiting the URL
  • Added Accounting access as a separate module allowing admins to provide access to billing and invoicing without giving access to other admin related tasks
  • Improved how RentSync feeds are validated when pulled by partners
  • Added amenities Quick Update to quickly add the most common amenities to properties
  • Added tags to photos to allow customers to tag and organize photos on their website
  • Neighbourhood Explorer
    • Added Satellite view toggle to Neighbourhood Explorer
    • Added feature for adding custom location pins on the map


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