February 22, 2011

posted by: Carissa Drohan-Jennings

Appealing to Mobile Savvy Renters

I was watching a great webinar yesterday on the value of mobile technology.  It discussed how adopting certain mobile technology into your marketing mix could enhance a customer’s brand experience. 

During the presentation the speaker brought up an excellent point that is often overlooked – you should first make sure that your product appeals to a mobile audience before marketing to them.  In our case it means that we should first determine if a mobile savvy user would be happy living in the apartment buildings that we're marketing.  Does the product cater to the lifestyle of the renter? 

The first thing that comes into my mind is signal strength.  Can a renter have strong signal strength in their unit and around the building?  Most mobile users are fanatical and they are attached to their cell phones.  They use them everywhere they go to stay connected to their peers.  In fact, the majority of cell phone users have their cell phone within 3 feet of them at all times.  So, will they be able to write and receive text messages and emails anywhere around the building?

The second thing to think about is communication.  Can the renter communicate with their building managers or the property management company using their mobile device?  Can they send an email or text message to their building managers?  Can they subscribe to a text message notice?  Can they visit a mobile website to request a maintenance visit? 

So before you start targeting mobile renters, ask yourself, "Does my product fit the lifestyle of mobile savvy renter?"