January 29, 2018

posted by: Allie Langohr
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Are Single Property Websites Right for You?

If you're managing multiple properties, finding engaging and unique ways to have them stand out against millions of other listings is a constant battle. Many landlords and property managers are turning to single property websites to help their properties be seen and to quickly reduce their vacancies.

Think you could benefit from a single property website? We're here to help you determine if a single property website is right for you.


Do you have a functional and updated website that lists all of your properties?

Multi-property websites help to build your brand, reputation, and online presence. Having a strong foundation in each of these areas is beneficial to the success of a single property website. If you have excelled in these areas already, then it may be worth investing in single property websites that will feature select properties and show them off in more detail. 


Do you own one community of properties in the same location or only have a handful of properties in your portfolio?

Multi-property websites look and work best when they're able to sort through and present numerous properties and units for prospective renters. If you only have a few to work with, having a website that is designed to focus on fewer properties and units is a better route than choosing a design that is meant to house lots of properties. Single property websites are also better for your budget if you're dealing with only a few properties. They help to shave off some of the functionalities and costs of a multi-property website that would be superfluous for those only managing a few properties at once.


Do you want to emphasize community or sell a lifestyle?

Renters have very specific wants and needs in mind when they start looking for a new home. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the right price are obvious conditions that control their searches. What is often overlooked in these kinds of apartment searches is the ability to emphasize and market to a certain lifestyle. 

If you have a property with an interesting or highly sought after location, an appeal to a specific demographic, new renovations, or is a new build altogether, a single property website may be right for you. Be sure to share these features with your web designer so that they can be incorporated into the design to help give the best impression to potential renters. 


Do you have frequent vacancies in a property?

Having a property with frequent vacancies requires keeping information about these vacancies up-to-date and accessible online. A single property website can display all of the types of units in a single, one-time design. LWS's LIFT System allows you to easily and quickly manage your website, so that availabilities can become visible to potential renters with just a few clicks, giving you more time to spend on improving your properties and showing them off. 

Single property websites make it easier for potential renters to find and fall in love with your property by providing fast, easy access for renters to check for available units. Even if all of your vacancies happen to be filled, your website can still pop up in Google searches, which can introduce new renters to the property, as well as drive traffic back to your corporate website and other listings in the meantime. 


Are you able to market the property on multiple platforms? 

Creating a single property website and expecting traffic to be driven to it based on search engine searches alone is an ill-advised expectation. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for establishing a strong online presence and giving off a trustworthy impression of your brand. The trick with single property websites is that you are responsible for driving traffic to them. 

Use your main website to send visitors to the single property website - an effort which will help with SEO, and will also enhance the authority of your main website. Take advantage of free online marketing options like social media networks and even YouTube to promote the property and lead people to its website. Also use more traditional forms of marketing, such as flyers and signage, that lead people to the website. If people are likely to search for the property name based on flyers or even the property signage they've seen, tying it to a domain with an inviting design that highlights its features will help people keep it in mind and increase the likelihood that they will contact you. 


Do you want to maximize user experience?

For renters, finding a new home can be stressful, frustrating, and tedious. A single property website can help your community stand out by breaking the monotony of apartment searching and engaging visitors in a unique and exciting way. A well-built single property website isn't just about getting snippets of information across to potential renters quickly and efficiently, it's also about giving them a glimpse of the experiences they can have by living in your community. 

If you want to go this route, be sure to feature lots of images, videos, and even 3D tours to make visitors' time on the website exciting and memorable. LWS's Neighbourhood Explorer is an excellent tool as well, as potential renters can spend time exploring the location of the property and finding out what it has to offer. 


 Do you have a new development in the works?

New developments take years of planning, building, and marketing to become successful units. Get a jump start by building a website that keeps prospective renters up-to-date on the latest news and advancements. Without testimonials from previous or current residents, single property websites for upcoming developments can start building a reputation for the property by emphasizing the lifestyle it will offer, as well as highlighting features and amenities that renters may want for themselves in the future. 


Did you find yourself answering "yes" to one or more of these?

It sounds like a single property website could be right for you. They're an excellent way to enhance your online presence, and help to narrow the target market of prospective renters by showing off what makes each of your communities particularly special. 

If you need help getting started, check out LWS's rental website options



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