January 29, 2018

posted by: Michael Mottola
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Feature Showcase #2: User Property Permissions

Control who has access to manage each property in your portfolio

This is the second post of our new series to showcase and highlight our favourite features, as well as the lesser known abilities of our software platform.

If you have not read the first post, I recommend it, as it kicks off this series and talks about our basic permission system. It can be found here: https://www.landlordwebsolutions.com/blogs/feature-showcase-intro-and-user-permissions

This post is about our advanced user permissions, which is a premium module and is considered to be a power user feature.

It might also be an important feature for property management companies who need to give access to people outside their main account without providing access to their entire portfolio. This helps allow property managers or marketing staff to update prices and manage property content for just the properties that they are involved with.

User Groups are still responsible for controlling module access, allowing you to control which people see the residential and commercial property management sections in LIFT.

The User Property Permissions add-on takes that access to the next level allowing you to select precisely which properties a user can view and edit when they log in.

Once the module is enabled, expanded functionality is available inside the User Permissions section of the LIFT System which administrators can access. This extended functionality allows you to set exactly which properties an individual has access to view, modify, and delete.

Start by setting up your User Group. We'll call ours Property Managers, and add two users to this group.

To control which properties each individual can manage, click the Edit link beside the user, then interact with the interface before.

You'll notice we have not allowed this user to view or manage any properties in Toronto.

Once these settings are in place, when the user logs into LIFT, anywhere those properties are displayed, including RentSync and Insights, the user will only see details related to the property or properties they have access to.

Here are a few ways to use this feature:

  • Property Management companies giving the ability for owners to manage their prices, or check out their properties' performance

  • Give regional managers the ability to see and manage all properties within their control

  • Give access to property managers to edit the prices and descriptions of just the building(s) they manage

  • Give property managers the ability to view only their own maintenance requests, while allowing head office to see all the ones that come through

  • Provide access to maintenance workers with only access to view and edit the status of work orders submitted for properties they take care of, without allowing them to modify any marketing information or see any performance insights

If you need help with anything, please contact our support team by calling 905-397-5088 or by logging into the LIFT System to use our online support. We'll be happy to provide more information or help you setup your user access.

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