May 29, 2018

posted by: Rick Pelletier
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Feature Showcase #5: Waiting List Module

Learn about LIFT's Waiting List feature to help you avoid losing potential leads when your suites are unavailable.


The Waiting List module goes hand-in-hand with the inquiry forms on your LIFT-powered website. It's a simple but very helpful addition to your site, which assists in keeping your contacts organized and making sure you're not missing out on any leads.


In LIFT, you can designate a suite as "available" (now or in the future), "not available", or "waiting list". With the Waiting List Module active, the relevant suites will show a waiting list form instead of your standard inquiry form. This allows you to gauge prospect interest, and jumpstart communications when a suite becomes available.


Working with your List


When a prospect submits a waiting list form, their details will go into the Waiting List section of Inquiries (which you can find on the top navigation bar of LIFT). Here you will see an overview of waiting list entries across your whole portfolio.


You can quickly change an entry's status, or go for a more in-depth edit. There is a search box to filter your view, and an option to export your current view to CSV for external use.




Automatic Notifications


Having a list of contact info is great for drafting up an email at any time. But for a more convenient workflow, you may want to enable automatic notifications.


To set this up, you will need to turn the setting on in your waiting list form. You can optionally provide an expiry threshold for your waiting lists: after the specified amount of time, an entry will remain in your collection, but the system will no longer send notifications to it automatically.


LIFT requires you to provide a line informing the prospective tenant that they are consenting to receive an automated email, for CASL compliance. Compliant unsubscribe links will also be handled for you automatically.


Once the notification is set up, any time you change a suite from "waiting list" to "available" in LIFT, you should see a notice that the action will inform prospects on your waiting list. There is a 15 minute delay in case of accident, or if you've simply changed your mind.


Here is an example of an email the prospect will receive:



If you want to use the waiting list on your site, please contact our sales or support teams, who will be happy to assist you in adding it.


Thanks for taking the time to check out our Waiting List Module!


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