December 17, 2018

posted by: Michael Mottola
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Feature Showcase #8: Promotions

Highlight a special promotion for your properties on your website and advertisements.

Promotions can help make the difference between the prospect choosing your building over the next. With the LIFT System, you can manage promotions with ease to show up on your rental  website and limited RentSync connections.

Creating a Promotion

You can be as detailed as you like with your promotions. The title is the only field that is required. This allows you to use a quick one-liner to highlight a promotion, such as "Receive First Month's Rent Free!"

You can also add more details using our free text editor, which creates a secondary textbox elaborating on the catchy title and providing important conditions and additional information for prospective tenants.

If that's not enough, you can also upload an image or PDF providing even more information about this promotion. However, this feature only works on your website, not on advertising sources.


Choosing Where Your Promotion Will Run

When setting up a promotion, you can create one promotion and apply it to multiple properties. This is particularly useful if you run the same promotion across your entire portfolio, or within the same region.

Using RentSync?

You can also push your promotions into your advertisements. Promotions are supported on many of the advertising connections in RentSync. Unfortunately, not all of these connections have a distinct place to show promotions, so in these cases the promotions entered in LIFT will not be synced with your ads. However, in many cases we are able to customize descriptions to include the promotions.


Using Data Feed Integration?

Are you using an integration or custom data feed to have your content in the LIFT System automatically managed for you from an external source, such as your property management system or your own website? You can still use the promotions module to create and manage promotions. If you want to have your own feed, we can even help you integrate your promotions from your own system to the LIFT System. Ask us for more details.


Output Examples

Example of promotion on listings page.


Example of same promotion on details page.



If you have any questions, contact our support team, who will be happy to assist you with providing more information.


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