September 15, 2015

posted by: Landlord Web Solutions
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Welcome to the New and Improved LWS Blog!


Did you miss us? We missed you!

Here at LWS, we spent the last year creating new products & services, improving our software, growing our team, helping our clients find new ways to connect with existing & potential tenants and putting on one amazing conference & industry awards!

In the meantime... we kind of forgot about our blog. But now, we're back!


We have so much to say!

Our ever-growing and diverse team at LWS are experts on so many things... the rental housing industry, web development, data management, blog and social media content, Star Wars trivia and more! We can't wait to share all of the interesting, entertaining and helpful information that we have. We'll also work hard to connect you to other thought-provoking and essential content from other industry experts. 


Let's get on with it!

If we're going to talk a big game, we better show up to the playing field, right? In the next coming weeks, keep an eye out for informative articles, useful tips and tricks, video tutorials and more!

In fact, here's a link to our first new article! 5 Common Marketing Mistakes in the Rental Industry.