August 13, 2018

posted by: Josh Lipton
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Partner Notice: Google AdWords Update


As of this month, Google AdWords has been rebranded as "Google Ads" to better describe Google's digital marketing network, which spans not only search, but display and video ads as well.


We at LWS welcome this change, as we believe that each of these campaign types (search, display and video) has their part in a healthy marketing strategy. As consumer trends continue to change, with mobile and video growing rapidly, Google and LWS will continue to follow these trends in order to help you meet your marketing objectives.


Along with the rebrand, the new Google Ads has significantly more tools for targeting users, which will be valuable for lease-up campaigns, generating leads on a problem property, or marketing your property management services.


In order to learn more about Google Ads and how it can help you, please feel free to contact your LWS Google certified professional.


As well, here is some additional information on Google Ads:


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