January 31, 2019

posted by: Max Steinman
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Vlog #1: Google Ads & Retargeting for the Multifamily Industry

Max Steinman talks Google Ads, retargeting, and how to tell when search engine marketing (SEM) is right for you. 


In LWS's first ever vlog, Director of Sales Max Steinman answers some of clients' and prospects' most-asked questions regarding SEM. Max argues that there's 3 main reasons why someone in the rental housing industry should use SEM: 


1. You have a high density of properties in one city.

2. You're dealing with marquee properties, high vacancy rates and lease up communities.

3. You're looking for leads for your property management services.


Max also provides some insight into retargeting campaigns, including how these work and when they may be right for you.


Check out what Max has to say by watching the video below. 


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Max Steinman - Director of Sales

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