November 15, 2019

posted by: LWS
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Where in Canada is Rent Most (and Least) Expensive?

Everyone knows rent prices in some of Canada's biggest markets are increasing like crazy. But do you know exactly how much? Or where prices are actually decreasing?

Thanks to our friends at Padmapper, you can find out. Their monthly Canadian Rent Report collects data from their hundreds of thousands of listings to paint a picture of rental price trends in Canada's 24 largest markets.

There's no surprise as to the most expensive cities: Toronto and Vancouver sit atop the list, and are the only two cities where the median rent of a 1 bedroom apartment is over $2000/month.

What is surprising? Kingston, Ontario saw the fastest month-to-month growth, with 1 bedroom rent prices rising over 5% compared to October.

Want to find out the trends of the rental market in your city? Or learn more about the Canadian rental market in general? Read the rest of the Padmapper Rent Report report here.