December 11, 2016

posted by: LeighAnn Frommann
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Your Rental Property Logo: What to Consider

Your logo makes a first impression on behalf of your overall brand and company and is your main identifier to your prospects and clients. You could be a small property manager with only one rental property or a large property management company with many, but no matter what size you are, you need to be well represented in the marketing elements you use.

It might seem daunting, but creating a new logo is an exciting thing! Not sure where to start? Hiring a professional graphic designer will ensure you get expert advice in creating a visual that best represents your brand, along with quality files you can use in your marketing endeavours.

Next, you'll need to provide your designer with vital information about your products/services and your company.

"But the designer is the expert, can't they just create something great for me on their own?"

Would you go to a restaurant and tell the chef you don't know what you want but to "make something great"? The chef doesn't know what your favourite dish is, or your allergies, or the fact that you refuse to eat Broccoli!  Whenever you hire someone to create something for you - they need to know your likes, dislikes, boundaries, etc.

Your designer can help you take your brand down a successful path, but first, you'll need to steer them in the right direction.


We've come up with our Top 6 things You Should Tell Your Designer:


Provide a Little History

Whether you're a new company or have been around for generations, providing background information helps your designer see your company through your eyes. Simply outline or discuss how you came to be, what you represent and what makes you unique. Are you a family-owned business? Are you known for your charity work? Does your customer service stand out within the industry? Do your properties have amazing outdoor living spaces? Knowing this helps your designer get a strong understanding of your roots.


Give the Building Name and Address

Be sure to give your designer the backstory on how you came to choose the building name. Hearing this could be a trigger for your designer's creative process and help them connect the overall theme you are trying to achieve with the name. By providing the address, the designer can get a feel for the community or region vibe and help set the tone and/or style of the logo. A logo design for an established, residential suburban-based building will be vastly different from an urban, downtown location.


Describe your Target Market

Do you rent to students or retirees? Are you looking to attract average or high-income earners? Knowing who you expect and want to live in your building will help the designer chose appropriate colour and font styles.


Show the Building & Landscape

Clear and consistent signage on your building and surrounding property is important to acquire quality leads. Since your logo will be part of this, the designer should know what your building looks like and what the landscape has to offer. If you have lush greenery and trees surrounding your building, a dark green sign is not going to stand out. If you can provide the designer a photo of your property exteriors (renderings are welcome too!), they will be able to make informed and appropriate design choices.


List the Best Amenities

Provide your designer with a list of your best building and suite amenities that are available. Knowing how tenants will live in your building along with the amenities they will enjoy will provide insight into the lifestyle and demographic you are targeting and lead the direction of the logo style.


Point to your Competition

You'll want to ensure your new logo stands out from your local competitors. Have a look at google maps and scout out the building names surrounding your property. Do you want to follow the theme of the neighbourhood or go a different route?


While it might seem like this is a lot of information, in actuality, it can be a short phone conversation or a quick email with bullet points! Investing a little extra time at the beginning of the process will help the designer provide viable logo options in the first round and decrease the chance of missing the mark.

At LWS, our graphic designers ask these same pointed questions during a branding brief phone call, which results in awesome logos and very happy clients!

If you're able to provide this information to your designer, we guarantee they will thank you!



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