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Conveniently Manage All of Your Listings in One Place

RentSync is an intuitive, one-stop-shop for managing your online rental housing ads on Canada's top rental listing websites.

Managing all of your online ads can be time consuming, confusing and frustrating. We know time is money, which is why we created RentSync: one platform where you can synchronize all of your online rental ads across multiple listing sites with the click of a button!

RentSync updates your connected listings services at least once per day, based on your most up-to-date property information, through our in-house Content Management System (CMS).

Highlighted Features

  • Time saving

  • Precise ad content and listing site control

  • Analytics tool for results

  • One convenient invoice for all paid ads

  • Only one login and password needed

  • One-click solution to turn ads on/off


  • You don't need a website to use RentSync! Simply upload your property and unit information to our in-house CMS and you’re ready to sync!

  • RentSync is an open architecture platform designed to integrate with any property management software system.

  • Ads are updated at least once per day on each rental site.

  • Use our analytics tool to track which Internet listing sites work best for you.

  • Receive one comprehensive monthly invoice for all your paid ads.

  • While some listings sites offer paid services, we also have multiple RentSync partners that are free to use!

Why Use RentSync

  • RentSync is a contract-free service. We don't lock you into long-term contracts. If you are unsatisfied, you can cancel at any time.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your rental prospects are viewing correct and up-to-date listings; no more outdated ads!
  • Take your time back! Post multiple ads on multiple listing sites within minutes, not hours.
  • Save money by choosing the Listing Sites that work best for you.

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Valuable Insights

It’s not enough to simply advertise your properties on rental websites. You need to know what works and what doesn’t in order to maximize your marketing ROI.

RentSync comes with built-in analytics designed to help you track your leads and success for each listing site connection. No more confusing reports to review and add to spreadsheets. With RentSync, you get one dashboard with clear, concise reporting of how each property is performing on every listing site on which it appears.

With full transparency, you can easily choose sites that are consistently performing well, while at the same time trimming your spend with sites that underperform.

What You Get

  • Trending data over 24 hours, 7 days and 1 month
  • Insights for every property
  • Insights by city
  • Insights by listing site
  • Time of day/month data when renters are most actively contacting you
  • Referral sources
  • Top properties contacted by renters
  • And so much more!

How to use RentSync

  • Set Up
    Your Account

    Send us your company information and we'll have you set up quickly.

  • Add Your
    Property Info

    Add your property descriptions, photos, rates, availabilities, etc.

  • Select Your

    Connect with existing advertisers or explore our available partners.

  • Sync Your

    Turn properties on or off based on your availabilities and preferences.

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