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October 12, 2010

posted by: Carissa Drohan-Jennings

Landlord Web Solutions Reveals Greenwin's New Website -

Greenwin Property Management

Thorold, Ontario, October 12, 2010 - Landlord Web Solutions Inc. announced today the successful launch of Greenwin Property Management's new website  The new website is designed and built on the LIFT System, a proprietary content management system that was designed by Landlord Web Solutions Inc. to exclusively power rental websites.

The Greenwin website features a clean and modern design that users will find easy to navigate.  The website was designed to be welcoming to visitors and its imagery supports a community atmosphere. Some of the key features built into the website include: content sliders, interactive maps, a comprehensive resident services area and, most notably, an innovative search feature.

The new search feature uses real-time search technology that has yet to be utilized in any other apartment industry website.  It allows users to narrow their search results by adjusting a price slider, selecting the type of unit they desire and zooming into their desired location on a map.  Results are displayed instantly without the need to press a search button and wait for a new set of search results.  The tool makes it easy for users to locate buildings that match their unique search criteria, while never generating a negative result. 

"The Greenwin project really provided the programming department here at Landlord Web Solutions with some unique challenges.  There were many variables included when building the search tool that made it challenging to build," say Mike Mottola, Technical Director at Landlord Web Solutions. “Although we had seen similar technology used on the web, we really had to push the envelope to make all of the functionality work the way we needed it to."

Aside from the unique search technology, the new website also features a comprehensive resident center.  "I am really excited about the resident center," states Kevin Green, Chief Executive Officer at Greenwin Property Management. "This application will really help us communicate with our residents on a higher level while also enabling them to participate within their community.  We believe we can reach new tenants while retaining our current residents by creating a better social experience at our properties.”

You can see the new site at


About Landlord Web Solutions Inc.:

Landlord Web Solutions Inc. was established in 2010 as Canada’s only online marketing and website development company exclusive to the rental industry.  Collectively, our team has over 40 years of industry related experience in the areas of sales, marketing, advertising, design and programming.  We are focused on developing premium and innovative solutions for our clients.


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