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August 04, 2010

posted by: Carissa Drohan-Jennings

Three Things To Consider Before Developing Your Rental Website

Your company’s website is your most important marketing tool. Therefore, your top priority should be to find a website development firm that can produce the caliber of website that you desire.  But before you tackle selecting a firm, you should first consider the following things:  

What specifically are you looking for

What are your marketing goals for your website'  What functionality would you like to see' What improvements do you want to see over your existing site'  Brainstorm all the features and functionality you’d like to see incorporated into your new site.  This process will help you communicate your needs to the development company so that they can provide an accurate quote.

Appearance matters but so does the stuff you can’t see.

The graphical interface, or “skin” of the website, only makes up about 10 - 20% of the overall structure.  Just like an iceberg with the majority of its mass out of view underwater, the content management system (CMS) of a website is actually the largest part of the structure and it needs to be stable, strong and customizable to deliver high performance. So when evaluating a website development firm you need to determine if the CMS that they will use to build your website will suit your needs.

What type of design firm should I hire

There are two types of website design firms out there: industry specialized and non-industry specialized.  Each of these firms are capable of developing a website but each do it in very different ways. 

An industry specialized company will have customized products and services pre-designed to meet your needs.  These firms will require very little direction from you when building your website.

The opposite is true of non-industry specialized firms.  Because these firms do not know your industry, they will need more direction from you on how to build the infrastructure of your website.  You will need to educate them on your wants and needs for the site and what functionality you require.

Now that you’ve looked at your strengths and figured out what you’re looking for it’s time to interview prospective firms.