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October 25, 2010

posted by: Carissa Drohan-Jennings

Good Apartment Photography Attract Tenants

Photo EnhancementThe rental industry is competitive and landlords are doing everything they can to stand out in print and online from their competitors.  To catch a renter's eye and gain their attention you need to have attractive photos that highlight your property.  Most landlords simply cannot afford to hire a professional photographer to photograph their buildings or their units, but there is an alternative.

Many landlords are now editing and enhancing their photos digitally.  This strategy not only saves money but it also delivers excellent, bright photos that may otherwise have not been attainable.  Whether you are for it or against it, the truth remains - many landlords are regularly enhancing their photos.  Can you afford not to?

Photo enhancing can take many forms and a good graphic editor can modify anything from an over exposed areas in the window to adding or deleting an element from a room.  These adjustments can transform an old, dull photo into a bright and attractive one.  I'm going to explore a few ways to enhance your photos to attract tenants.


Warming Up Your Apartment Photos

Renters are searching for a place to call home.  They are looking for a unit that looks bright and inviting.  Many landlords use standard beige or white walls when turning over a unit.  This may save on paint costs but it also makes for a poor photo.  Unfortunately white or beige walls make a unit feel unlived in and empty.  Photo enhancing can help to add colour and warmth to the photo, giving it an inviting feeling.  A graphics editor can easily bring colour to the photo by replacing the wall colour or adding an earth tone.  This acts to brighten up the room.


Get Rid of the Glare

A common problem when photographing apartments is the windows.  Often, to capture a room, you need to point the camera towards the window.  This overexposes the area and creates a white, blown out effect.  This often distracts the eye when looking at the photo and diverts attention away from the room.  It also does nothing for selling the view.  Photo enhancing can fix this problem.  A digital editor can remove that unwanted white area and replace it with a nice outdoor scene.  With the bright window area removed and replaced, the room now becomes the focal point.


Get Rid of the Clutter

Nobody likes looking at a cluttered room.  The first rule of home staging is that less is more.  People like negative, unused space, free of clutter.  Since renting a unit is not unlike selling a home, photos should be equally free of clutter.  This is easy to do if the unit is empty but what if the current tenant has not moved out yet?  This is another situation in which photo enhancing can help.  A photo editor can remove those unwanted ornaments, furnature or items that are overpowering the photo.  By cleaning up this clutter, the renter can now see the room without the distractions.


Lighting Up Your Assets

It's hard to take indoor photos without proper lighting.  The purpose of the photo is to show off your asset to the renter but some indoor lighting inhibits great photos from being taken.  For example, a poorly lit hallway will almost always have a dark carpet and over exposed lights.  This never clearly illustrates what the hallway actually looks like.  In fact, it makes it look dark and un-inviting.  This is a situation in which photo enhancing can help.  By adjusting exposure levels, brightness and contrast, your photo can become an effective photo.  It then will be able to sell your product to the renter.


Let the Sun Shine Through

Photographing the exterior of a building is an easy task but it does not always produce an appealing photo.  Depending on the time of day and the weather, the sky can be any colour from grey to blue.  Remember what I said about colours impacting a photo?  The same holds true for a dull, grey sky.  So instead of waiting for a bright, sunny day (especially in the winter), why not enhance and give the photo the brightness it needs by replacing the sky?  Photo editors can do this as well.  An otherwise dull photo is brought to life and renters will be drawn to the bright property.


Just remember that your photos are meant to entice the renter to come and view your property.  It's worth spending a bit of extra time to breathe new life into your photos.  Be passionate and spark the renters interest!