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July 08, 2011

posted by: Carissa Drohan-Jennings

Increase Your Rental Website's Conversion Rates

The number of leads your website generates is what makes or breaks your business, so getting a high conversion rate is an essential goal for any rental website. The majority things that negatively impact conversions tend to be things that can be easily fixed.  Here is a list of some of the more common mistakes that are made on rental websites.


Non-Intuitive Navigational Structure

A website’s navigational system is like a road map to your content.  If the road map is methodical and easy to understand then conversions are more likely to occur, but if the road map is hard to navigate then visitors will quickly give up and abandon their search.

To optimize conversion rates it is important to make sure that your navigational structure is easy for all visitors to use.  The best type of navigation is either situated at the top of the web page or to the left hand side of the screen.  Having your primary navigation anywhere other than these locations runs the risk of confusing your visitors, as each one will have different screen sizes and some will be unable to see the bottom or right navigation.

Missing or Small Calls To Action

If your website visitor is interested in a property, make sure it’s easy for them to contact you.  Just as the most important step in any sales process is the closing technique, so too is it just as important to have a clear and visible call to action on each of your building’s pages. 

Make sure that your call to action appears in the same area of the screen on every building page, as visitors quickly learn the structure of the page, and will expect it to appear in the same place every time.

Improving your call to action is a great way to help increase conversions.

Poor Description of Buildings

Many websites that contain poor building descriptions suffer from low conversion rates.  Short lists of amenities are not sufficient at selling your buildings because you’re trying to sell a home or lifestyle to a renter, not just an apartment.  Therefore, descriptions of your buildings or units should be detailed and interesting, not short and boring. Try painting a picture of what life would be like for a renter post-move-in.  Highlight friendly building staff or social events as an additional perk. 

Conversions will increase when a renter can picture living in the building and enjoying their surroundings.


The tips mentioned above are just a few tweaks that can help your website boost its conversion rate. There is little doubt that it will take some time before you see results coming your way, but eventually, every little action you take will be worth the effort.