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August 04, 2011

posted by: Carissa Drohan-Jennings

Marketing With The Google+ Social Network

Article 3: Marketing With Google+


A month after Google released its new social network, Google+ for field testing, the site managed to reach 20 million users worldwide. This growth was all achieved through referrals, as users had to be invited to use the system.  Although it its still in a testing phase, the new social network continues to grow at an impressive rate, leaving many marketers to wonder how they can capitalize on this new social channel. 

This article will explore the current marketing opportunity of the Google “+1” button, and it will take a look at upcoming features that are currently under development for the Google+ system.


google plusGoogle +1 Button

The Google “+1” button is a current marketing opportunity that integrates into the Google+ social media platform.  The “+1” button that acts much like a Facebook’s “like” button in that it allows subscribers to mark that they like or recommend various content on the web. 

The "+1" button is visible beside all Google search results (when a user is signed into their Google profile).  Users simply need to press on the button to activate the "+1" recommendation.  They also have the option of removing the recommendation.

Exactly who will see these recommendations? 

While these comments or recommendations are not public, they are visible to those individuals who are connected to the user in various Google products.  What this means is that someone’s contacts can benefit from seeing peer reviews and recommendations, listed both in their stream and in the users Google search engine results (as long as they’re signed into their Google account).

By adding the “+1” button to strategic pages on a rental website, landlords can quickly allow their current rental enthusiasts to promote their buildings or content to their connections.  Many landlords have already installed the Facebook’s “Like” button on their page, but it is important to target Google+ users as well.  While this tool may be exactly like Facebook’s “Like” button, it’s still important to extend your marketing reach to members on both networks.

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google plusBusiness Pages & Advertising Options
Currently the "+1" button is the only way that landlords can use Google+ to market their business.  However, Google promises that the network will evolve over a short period of time. 

In an effort to capitalize on this new social media site, many businesses have already attempted to create customer profiles to begin setting up their presence on Google+.  We advise all readers not to do this, as Google has actively deleted these profiles, stating that they want all businesses to wait until their business profile pages are ready.

Google has now set business profile pages to a top priority, having realized that businesses are eager to get onto the site.  This tool should come to fruition within the next few months.

Once business pages are up and running they will allow landlords to engage users at a social level, much like Facebook. It's still speculation as to whether or not these pages will allow graphical customizations and to what extent owners will be able to customize the components within the page.   Google has been quiet about the development.

Apart from the Google business pages, Google will also be developing an advertising tool within the Google+ network that will allow landlords to place advertisements to be viewed by clients.  Many bloggers are speculating that this tool will function much like Facebook ads, however some feel that Google will try to tie in their already successful advertising product - Google AdWords.  Time will tell.


For now landlords can benefit from encouraging residents to “+1” their web-based content.  The code for the "+1" button is available at Google's +1 Website.

On a final note, Google + is in the beta phase of testing, which means that its platform is not available to the general public. In order to get in to use the system you need to be invited by someone who is already in.  If you’re a landlord who’s interested in testing this new system, simply contact us and we’ll invite you in.


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