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August 16, 2011

posted by: Carissa Drohan-Jennings

Google Gives 3 Predictions For The Coming Year (Part 3)

I had the privilege of attending a Google Engage conference in Toronto yesterday, and the keynote speaker, Google’s very own Chris O’Neill, Canada’s Country Director, delivered a great presentation on his three predictions for the coming year.  Let’s take a look at these predictions and how they apply to the apartment industry.



Prediction 3:
Mobile Is The New Key Interface


Adoption of Mobile In Canada Is High

Adoption of mobile technology in Canada is growing quickly.  In 2010, 1 in 10 Canadians owned a smartphone, and now in 2011 it has increased to 1 in 5. Mobile communication has also increased exponentially, as 48% of smartphone users are using Twitter and Facebook to keep connected with friends and family. 

Ownership Higher Among Younger Canadians

Smartphone ownership is significantly higher amongst younger Canadians; in particular, 46% of those online Canadians aged 18 to 34 own a smartphone, and their usage (20.6hrs/week) is significantly higher than older Canadians.  As the population continues to age, the integration of mobile into everyday life will also increase, making mobile a key interface for businesses to communicate with customers.

Mobile Search Is Locally Focused

Smartphone browser searches are on the rise and they're locally focused in nature.  Users are using these phones as a shopping companion, using QR codes and department store apps to research a product before purchase.  They are also using the phone's GPS capabilities to find nearby establishments, such as restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities.  Many are mapping coordinates into Google Maps to find directions to a location.  Each of these uses have one thing in common, they're helping the user connect with local businesses around them. 

Mobile will continue to evolve over the next year and landlords who can embrace the technology will reap rewards.  The world wide web is now a mobile space, and renters want to find local buisinesses on their phones.  The rental companies who adopt this technology quickly will provide better service to their customers.


Prediction 1:
The Zero Moment Of Truth Is The New Battleground


Prediction 2:
Local Search Matters More Than Ever