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July 02, 2019

posted by: LWS

RentCanada Relaunch Makes Apartment Hunting Easier for Canadians

Read this special announcement about our exciting partnership with RentCanada.


One of Canada's longest-running platforms for apartment hunters is getting a major upgrade just in time to celebrate Canada Day. 

RentCanada™, known as Canada's Apartment Rental Guide since its inception 23 years ago, is launching an entirely new web presence today. Not only will the apartment listing site have a modern user experience and visually appealing design, but it will also feature all-new technology to help renters find their ideal home. 

"We put a lot of thought into making the apartment search process quicker, easier and more accurate for the renter," says Robert Pudavick, co-founder and President of RentCanada™.

RentCanada™'s new platform offers several features that promise to make apartment hunting a simpler process.

  • As lifestyle becomes more important to renters, they are eschewing city-wide searches and identifying exact neighbourhoods where they hope to live. RentCanada™ users will now be able to use the robust Map-Based Search feature to find apartments exactly where they want.

  • My Picks allows users to take the opposite approach. Apartment seekers can start by choosing their favourite listings based on number of bedrooms, amenities, rent amount and other factors, and then plot those choices on a map to compare locations.

  • Renters want to do as much research as possible before committing to an application or tour. That's why RentCanada™ will now include Landlord Profiles. Potential renters will be able to learn about the companies they might rent from, and see every unit they have available across the country. 

To create this platform, RentCanada™ partnered with Canadian tech company Landlord Web Solutions (LWS). LWS provides software and marketing services for the rental housing industry. 

The partnership with LWS will give RentCanada™ access to the largest database of apartments in Canada. That means more choice for renters, and better results for rental companies. 

By combining better technology with access to more content, RentCanada™ aims to become the tool Canadians go to first when searching for their next apartment.