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Secure, Customized Forms for Easy Data Collection and Management

Securely Collect Personal Information

Secured-Forms is a simple product that allows you to collect data from as many forms as you'd like, while keeping the data you collect safe and organized for quick retrieval anywhere you are. Create custom forms and publish them to your apartment rental website.

  • Enhanced SecurityEnhanced Security
  • Access from Any ComputerAccess from Any Computer
  • API IntegrationAPI Integration

The Benefits of Secured-Forms

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the data you need to collect from your rental prospects is safe and securely stored. Secured-Forms are branded to fit seamlessly onto your apartment rental website. Plus, you'll save paper and time storing everything you need in one location. 

Use Cases

Secured-Forms got its start in the apartment rental industry, but it has a broad range of applications in many different fields. Here's a few ideas for how Secured-Forms can be used:

  • Apartment or house rental applications
  • Contact forms
  • Customer feedback or surveys
  • Maintenance requests
  • Job applications
  • Product support
  • Registration forms
  • Resident requests
  • Resource bookings
  • Room bookings
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