Rick Pelletier

Rick became a programmer without really thinking about it. He enjoyed, and excelled in, his first programming class in high school. And then promptly forgot he was good at it until college. After a couple of years of moderately-successful-at-best freelancing, here he is.

Although Rick mostly builds the front end websites from the designers' specifications, he's always eager to jump in and help improve the core LWS products and learn new technologies. Like most programmers, he is at his best and happiest when creating reusable code - even if it takes three hours of challenge to save three hours of tedium.

Outside of work, Rick is into video games, movies, and any sort of technology. He grew up in St. Catharines and has barely ever set foot outside of it. He's only lived in four different houses in his life, and, as a stereotypical nerd, has barely set foot outside of them too. He doesn't drink coffee, but is rarely sighted without a Coke in his hand or at his side.

LWS was built on a simple principle...

A company is only as strong as its team

We love that saying. Why? Simple. We have an amazing team of talented individuals that understand your business, challenges and goals. And they’re ready to help you meet them.

Our team offers a compelling blend of skills ranging from sleek design to programming to content creation, all with rental housing marketing in mind. Together, we create amazing, customized solutions for landlords.

Our team has decades of experience in the rental housing industry to share with you. Not only can we build you an amazing website, we can offer you helpful insight in the areas of sales, marketing, advertising, design and programming.